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A National Day Celebration with an East meets West Dizi Concerto by Guo Wenjing and Belioz’s Symphonie fantastique (15 & 16 Sep)
Source: Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra

The Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra’s (HK Phil) Principal Guest ConductorYu Long sets off an awesome display of musical fireworks for the National Day Celebration Concerts with Berlioz’s action-packed Symphonie fantastique and Guo Wenjing's Chou Kong Shan, a rare concerto for dizi and orchestra featuring renowned dizi virtuoso, Tang Junqiao. The HK Phil brings traditional Chinese culture into the concert hall with two evenings of east meets west on 15 & 16 September in the Hong Kong Cultural Centre Concert Hall.


her (Tang Junqiao) virtuosity in a nearly unlimited breadth of timbres...”

--- The Washington Post


The concert opens with Chinese composer Guo Wenjing's concerto for dizi (bamboo flute) and orchestra Chou Kong Shan, a colourful symphonic portrait of Tang dynasty poet Li Bai’s descriptions of Sichuan. The concerto is demanding on the dizi player, with extremely long notes evoking vast mountains and short notes mimicking the sound of babbling brooks. Guo Wenjing claims that Tang Junqiao has opened up Chou Kong Shan by showing that the work, which he used to believe could only be performed with a bamboo flute with eight holes, can be played equally effectively on a six-hole bamboo flute.


The Symphonie fantastique is French composer Hector Berlioz’s most famous work, and set new demands on orchestral writing and playing. Berlioz had been scorned by Irish actress Harriet Smithson with whom he was helplessly infatuated and, plunged into a deep depression, he eventually released himself by conceiving this work in which the disconsolate artist took opium and dreamed of his beloved in five scenes. This vividly colourful work makes an appropriately explosive musical display and showcases any orchestra to maximum, exhilarating effect. 

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