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Many pieces in the Henle Library offer various fingerings and bowings by great masters of the past and current time. Some of these have never been published or were exclusively prepared for the Henle Library. We continually expand the the list of available fingerings. If you have already purchased a piece, you will get the new fingerings as a free update, directly in the app.

Currently new fingerings in the app:

Linus Roth, Tianwa Yang and Augustin Hadelich's fingerings to the Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto

Kurt Guntners, Tianwa Yangs and Vadim Guzmans fingerings to the Bruch Violin Concerto in g minor

Henryk Szerying's fingerings to the Brahms Violin Sonatas

Wolfram Schmitt-Leonardy's fingerings to the Chopin Ballades

Nobuko Imai's fingerings to the Brahms Clarinet Sonatas (Viola)

Ruggiero Ricci's and Ivan Galamian's fingerings to the Paganini Capricci

Béla Bartók's and Camille Saint-Saëns' fingerings to the Mozart Piano Sonatas

Check out the full list of available fingerings for all instruments here.



All 21 violin concertos from the Henle catalogue are now also digitally available.

Claude Debussy's Works for Piano (Volume 1-3) are now available in the app.

In addition to the piano, violin and violoncello sonatas, we now also offer all string quartets by Ludwig van Beethoven in the app.

All of Bach’s works for keyboard are now available in the app. As a special treat, the Inventions and Sinfonias now include fingerings by Wanda Landowska that up to now have never been published.

All works for flute from the Henle catalogue are now ready for purchase in the Henle Library app.

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