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Mozart Week Festival in Salzburg: Rolando Villazon's program for 2020
Source: Mozarteum Foundation

Rolando Villazón’s second Mozart Week Festival privileges Wolfgang Amadé Mozart’s works for brass and woodwind. “The motto ‘Undiluted Mozart’ applies to all my Mozart Week Festivals, but each of them additionally focuses on a particular point of musical interest that changes every year. Our aim is to explore and present Mozart’s incredibly wide-ranging output in all its variety. In 2020 it is wind instruments that are central to our programme,” explains intendant Rolando Villazón, adding: “This year we are also examining the special friendships that produced these masterpieces. We are undertaking a journey together and immersing ourselves in Mozart’s world. In the course of this journey we may discover some wonderful treasures – I know this from my own personal experience.” The 2020 Mozart Week Festival features around sixty events, including three fully staged works, a concert performance of an opera, orchestral concerts, chamber music, dance and much more besides. The major stage production of the 2020 Mozart Week Festival features a phenomenal line-up at the Haus für Mozart: the acclaimed director, playwright, painter, set designer and video artist Robert Wilson is staging K572, Mozart’s reworking of Handel’s oratorio Messiah.

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