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Percussionists of the Berliner Philharmoniker: Listening to the Universe
Source: Berliner Festspiele

The topic of space and time, which is reflected in MaerzMusik – Festival for Time Issues this year with its focus on the cosmos, among others, is also central to the Late Night concert by the percussionists of the Berliner Philharmoniker. Arranged by James Wood, the instrumentalists will present Gérard Grisey’s rarely played work “Le Noir de l’Etoile” on 15 February, which uses pulsars – rapidly rotating neutron stars – as an acoustic and poetic starting point. During this process in the cosmos, electromagnetic waves are created in the universe that can be transmitted as sound. In Grisey’s hour-long piece, cosmic cascades of sound develop, inviting the listener to a mystical, archaic and suggestive excursion into the vastness of space. The performance, in which the six percussionists are seated throughout the audience area, will take place in the foyer of the Berlin Philharmonic.

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