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“Staple of the Avant-garde” Max Richter’s Hong Kong Debut with the HK Phil
Source: HK Phil

The Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra (HK Phil) is honoured to welcome Max Richter, the pre-eminent Neo-Classical/Ambient composer of our era, to perform on the Hong Kong stage for the first time, with conductor Robert Ziegler, violinist Mari Samuelsen, soprano Grace Davison and the orchestra. They will perform two of his best-known compositions - Recomposed and Memoryhouse.


The artistry of composer and pianist Max Richter transcends boundaries and his wide range of works can be heard not only in the concert hall but also in dance and cinema (such as Shutter Island and Arrival). This prolific composer is best known for interweaving contemporary classical with popular music styles.


“Music”, says Max Richter, “is - to me - principally a way to talk to people. It’s about having a conversation, and if you want to have a conversation you have to speak intelligibly. You also have to have content: something to say. I wanted to develop a language that was plain-speaking and direct… so I looked for alternative ways to connect to an audience.”


Recomposed is a reinterpretation of Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons, in which Richter retained 25% of Vivaldi’s original material, and the parts he used are phrased to emphasise his grounding in postmodern and minimalist music. Recomposed, an album that won Max Richter the 2018 ECHO Klassik Award and topped the classical charts in 22 countries, will be performed on the stage LIVE.  



“[Max Richter’s] Memoryhouse has become a landmark of the amorphous scene that would eventually earn the tags ‘post-classical’ or ‘indie classical.’”

--- Pitchfork



Memoryhouse is Max Richter’s first solo album. Recorded with the BBC Philharmonic, this debut album was described by the BBC Music Magazine as "a masterpiece in neoclassical composition". Max Richter and the HK Phil will explore real and imaginary stories and histories together with the audience.

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