Source: FLAGEY

Mon. 29.04 – Thu. 30.05.19

The Queen Elisabeth Competition is holding a competition for violinists from 29 April to 25 May 2019. This competition is for musicians who have completed their training and who are ready to embark upon an international career. More information: imkeb.be

Sale of subscriptions starts 29.01.2019 (09:00)

Sale of separate tickets starts 19.02.2019

06.05.19 - 11.05.19 - Exhibition of contemporary violin and bow making: Ekho#3 brings together the most recent instruments and bows by more than fifty makers from all around Europe. A violin and bow made at Atelier Flagey will be offered in a draw. They will be exhibited from 6 to 11 May in Flagey alongside photographs and videos by Jérôme Hubert of the work in progress.

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