Esther Yoo & Avi Avital - live from the Yellow Lounge at Club Octagon in Seoul
Source: Deutsche Gramophone

In our second full-performance broadcast watch violinist Esther Yoo and mandolin player Avi Avital live from a Yellow Lounge at Club Octagon in Seoul, South Korea filmed in October 2018. Esther Yoo plays favourites from Tchaikovsky and Elgar to Dan Jones as well as Korean compositions, while Avi Avital plays music from Bach and Vivaldi to miniatures by Georgian composer Sulkhan Tsintsadze and a tradition Bulgarian ‘Bučimiš’ folk dance.

We will broadcast these performances in an ongoing rotation, one video at a time, rotating in a new performance every few days. We will communicate the start of each new performance by this newsletter, which of course means that we will be sending you an extra newsflash by email at the start of each week too.

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